White Cotton Lace Ribbon Webbing Tote Bag Clothing Accessories Gift Wrap


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Product name: pure cotton webbing
Composition: Cotton
color: White
Size: 1.6cm
Features: good heat resistance, good wear resistance, not easy to fade, good tension
It not only highlights that the cotton fiber can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is high, the moisture in the fiber will evaporate and dissipate, so that the fabric can maintain a water balance state. 2. Moisturizing property: Cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, and the thermal conductivity is extremely low. Because of the porosity and high elasticity of cotton fiber itself, a large amount of air can be accumulated between fibers, so cotton has better moisture retention.
Uses: commonly used in clothing, bags, shoes, hats, decorations, etc.

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