Single Sided Coated UHMWPE Woven Fabric Puncture Resistant Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene Cut Resistant Fabric Luggage Fabrics


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Single Sided Coated UHMWPE Woven Fabric Puncture Resistant Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene Cut Resistant Fabric Luggage Fabrics
Function:waterproof,cut and puncture resistant
Composition and content:UHMWPE

Function:Cut-resistant imitation thorn
Specific uses: safety shoes, military shoes, cloth shoes, safety boot midsoles, fire boots, luggage, tents, sports protective gear, sofas, stab-proof clothing, etc.

★ High quality environmental protection cut and stab resistant fabric, it is very commonly used functional fabric, the fabric has the function of cut resistance, wear resistance and so on.

★ Craft fabric, this fabric is made of high quality material, it can be used for safety shoes, military shoes and cloth shoes.

★Cut and stab resistant fabric, practical, good quality and wide range of applications.

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  • 5
    can protect me well

    Posted by sedroray on 11 24 2022

    I have a flat spot on my right thumb from learning that a mandolin cuts more than vegetables. So, I bought these gloves. When I received them, I tested them with a knife and cut them wide open, first try. To be fair, they offer a degree of protection, but it is limited. Prudence is still required.

  • 5
    good help me

    Posted by TriState VBA Guy on 11 24 2022

    These gloves will stop you from getting cuts while using knives. They handle that function perfectly. Unfortunately they are also a pain to clean and not very comfortable.

  • 5
    Product benefits

    Posted by Amazon Customer on 11 24 2022

    The glove fits perfectly and i can grate items so much faster with the confidence I am not going to grate part of my hand with the food. I just toss in the washer when it gets dirty and let it air dry.

  • 5
    something that is easy to move

    Posted by Edward's Minions W.D.F.A. on 11 24 2022

    I use these at work and at home. These are important to me cuz i am a guitar shredder like Edward Van Halen. I wear these gloves to protect my wonderful fingers/hands that i was blessed with. I have very talented fingers, just ask my wife!!! These gloves protect my talented fingers. WIN!!!

  • 5
    safe fabric

    Posted by ConD on 11 24 2022

    These really help with woodworking. Have saved my hands from cuts several times. But they now have several holes so needed new ones about 4 months in. But liked them enough to buy sane ones to replace them

  • 5
    Versatile Fabrics

    Posted by LIULEI on 10 25 2022

    The performance of this white fabric is great. The main purpose of using this fabric is to make cut-resistant and stab-resistant gloves. The quality of this glove is great. This fabric can be used in many places. Anti-cut and anti-stab and our waterproof, flame-retardant and wear-resistant functions can be used in many scenarios.