Nano Aluminum Foil Faraday Fabric Radiation Shielding Fabric RFID Blocking Radiation ,Radiowave/Microwave Shield, Can Conduct Electricity,EMF Shielding Fabric, Anti Radiation, EMI Isolation

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Name: Nano shielding aluminum foil
Can be used for anti-theft and swipe all kinds of smart cards
Width: 102 cm, 150 cm
Material: PET + aluminum foil + PE, protect the middle nano aluminum foil from oxidation, long lasting effect
Description: Place all types of certificates and cards that need to be protected on one layer, which can protect and keep all types of smart cards confidential.

Note: Prevent contact with lactic acid and alkaline liquids. Soak in water and let dry for further use to prevent puncturing by sharp objects.

The main uses of aluminum foil paper are: anti-theft swipe card, shielding signal, various bank cards, passbook, social security card, medical insurance card, shopping card, IC card, bus card, ID card, etc. Electrical conductivity, heat resistance, heat insulation

Description of aluminum foil
Aluminum foil is actually a stamping material, directly calendered on a thin sheet of metallic aluminum, also known as fake silver foil, because its stamping effect is very similar to that of pure silver foil. Aluminum foil is soft, ductile, and has a silver-white luster. When calendering a coil, aluminum foil can be made by pasting sodium silicate, etc., on offset paper.

It is not only moisture-proof, airtight, shading, wear-resistant, fragrance-free, non-toxic and tasteless, but also easy to process with beautiful patterns and colorful patterns, so it is embraced by people. In particular, mixing plastic or paper with aluminum foil fuses the shielding properties of aluminum foil, the strength of paper, and the heat sealing properties of plastic, further improving the shielding properties against water vapor, air, and ultraviolet light. Bacteria required as a packaging material. The market for aluminum foil applications has been greatly expanded. Packaged items are well protected because they are completely isolated from outside light, moisture, air, etc.