Garden Flower Pure Cotton Four-piece Fabric Duvet Cover Sheet Bedding Fabric


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Garden Flower Pure Cotton Four-piece Fabric Duvet Cover Sheet Bedding Fabric

Composition and content: pure cotton
Width: 94.48 inches
Length 39.37 inches
Process: Printing and Dyeing
Elasticity: pure cotton has no elasticity
Uses: accessories, bedding, cushions, tablecloths, half curtains, etc.

High-quality pure cotton fabric can be used to make handmade DIY bags, accessories, bedding, tablecloths, half curtains and other household items.

Washing instructions:
When the fabric is put in the water for the first time, it can be washed with a little detergent and spread out to dry
Please be careful not to use detergent with bleaching function (there will be instructions on the detergent bottle)
If the fabric fades, you can add salt or white vinegar in the water for half an hour to fix the color
Generally, the surface of dark fabrics will appear floating and fading.
Please wash dark and light fabrics separately to avoid staining

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