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Half silver fiber
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Product Name: Half silver fiber conductive cloth
Weight: about 75 (g/㎡)
Width: 150 cm
Thickness: about 0.15 mm
Composition and content: 48% polyester + 52% silver content
Color: off-white, magenta, lake blue
Function: Anti-radiation, anti-bacterial, anti-static, moisture absorption and perspiration
Specific applications: bedding, curtains, medical, clothing, mountain climbing clothes, mother and child clothing, maternity wear, antibacterial cloth

1. Excellent anti-radiation effect.
Silver fiber very quickly and effectively conducts electricity, prevents the impact on the human body and protects the body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect the abdomen fetus from electromagnetic waves). Strictly tested by the China Shanghai Testing Center, in the 0.1MHZ to 20GHZ electromagnetic frequency range can achieve 60-80DB shielding effect.

2. Anti-static.
We often encounter the click of static electricity, static clinging and other problems. In some industrial production, it will cause serious harm. It is well known that silver is an excellent antistatic fiber because it is the most conductive object. Clothing and footwear that do not contain large amounts of silver fibers can quickly dissipate frictional charges and eliminate static electricity, making them safe and comfortable.

3. Silver fiber deodorant (odorless) Function.
Silver fiber provides both antibacterial and deodorizing effects. Bacterial growth can lead to body odor. Coincidentally, qualitative proteins also cause clothing and socks to smell. The components on the surface of silver fiber quickly and instantly adsorb the qualitative proteins on them, reducing and removing odor.

4、Antimicrobial function of silver fiber.
The antibacterial function of silver fiber has long been confirmed by many well-known international institutions. In addition to many experiments and tests, it has often been the focus of many published medical journal abstracts over the past few years. The summaries of these papers consistently emphasize the unparalleled high antimicrobial properties of silver fibers. Wearing silver fiber products can be very effective in controlling the growth of sweat bacteria. Bacteria Removal Rate Silver fiber removes 99.9% of surface exposed bacteria in less than one hour (most other antibacterial products do not achieve the same results after 48 hours of testing).

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    Very good product.

    Posted by Ricardo on 27th Jun 2022

    I made a couple of anti-scan fabric liners for me and my wife to put in our purses. It was a very good value and a very good product. What more can I say.