What should I do for Christmas decorations?

Posted by yuliang on 12 02 2022

It's almost Christmas, and every time I'm very torn about what kind of Christmas decorations should be made, I also want to save some, so I recently found a very good, is the webbing, webbing is reusa … read more

Oxford Bu can actually use these places!

Posted by yuliang on 12 02 2022

Oxford cloth is a very common fabric in our daily life. There are many products that can be made by fabrics. It depends on how we use this fabric. The main things that can be made are tents, backpacks … read more

The fabric actually has these uses

Posted by yuliang on 11 25 2022

This is a blue Oxford cloth, and the main material of Oxford cloth is our polyester, the main function of polyester. Polyester fabric has a wide range of uses, and is widely used in the manufactu … read more

Jacquard ribbons are useful for this purpose

Posted by yuliang on 11 22 2022

Jacquard is a fashionable and trendy weaving technique. There are single-sided jacquard and double-sided jacquard. Nylon jacquard ribbons are the most widely used high-grade ribbons at present.Jacquar … read more