​Do your sweatpants still stamp you out?

28th Jun 2022

Now our sweatpants are very tight, because most of us don't want to suddenly fall off during exercise, and we're afraid that the sweatpants are too tight, which will make them very uncomfortable. I … read more

How to protect our body from radiation

Posted by yuliang on 27th Jun 2022

In the past, there was a pregnant mother, she often contacted household appliances in life, inadvertently let electromagnetic radiation crazy erosion of her body, in the months after this, her health … read more

What fabrics require conductive fabric?

Posted by yuliang on 24th Jun 2022

We all know that fabric has many uses, you can make your own clothes, can be used to block the signal, there is a special use, able to conduct electricity. Why many places do not need to have so many … read more

How important is the health of pregnant mothers?

Posted by yuliang on 22nd Jun 2022

Once, my mother's friend was pregnant, but due to an accident she had a miscarriage, after that she was very sad, and later my mother specifically went to look for a lot of relevant information. Later … read more