Anti-radiation cloth,electromagnetic Block, signal rfid blocking EMF/RF Shield, block wifi signal radiation blocker Faraday Fabric

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Anti-electromagnetic wave baffle electromagnetic wave protection cloth EMI shielding RFID blocking WiFi / RFID radiation protection to prevent electromagnetic wave interference electromagnetic wave radio waves suitable for microwave ovens and other electromagnetic fields

Product name: Faraday fabric
Color: silver gray
Weight: about 80-90G
Width: about 108 cm
Thickness: about 0.08mm
Manufacturing method: polyester + nickel + copper
Product features: radiation protection, conductive, electromagnetic shielding

Application scenarios.
1. Used for medium and high frequency electromagnetic shielding: shielding curtain, shielding tent, radiation-proof wallpaper and industrial high frequency furnace, mobile communication, medical equipment and other industries used for high frequency electromagnetic radiation protection.
2. Can make anti-static clothing and radiation-proof maternity clothing (away from the body)
3. Touch screen gloves material; used for electronic products conductivity
4. performance of plain protective cloth: create RFID anti-theft wallets, card holders, outdoor pockets, passport covers, etc.

Shielding cloth function.
Used to effectively shield high frequency electromagnetic. For example, industrial high-frequency furnace, mobile communications, computers, household appliances, transmission stations, medical equipment and other industrial high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Let us replace the copper and lead sheets to create a high frequency electromagnetic shielding room.

Material properties.
1. Prevent damage caused by electromagnetic radiation: effective shielding of high-voltage lines, substations, TV towers, broadcast towers, cell phone base stations and radar electromagnetic radiation to the surrounding environment, safe for human beings. Healthy living and working environment.
2. Anti-infrared imaging: with important far-infrared important anti-infrared thermal imaging function, can effectively prevent piracy and secret work of the family life scenes and clandestine photography.
3. Prevent information leakage: effectively shield and inhibit electromagnetic signals through the window to prevent information leakage and theft.

!!! !!! !!! Wrinkles when folded, but does not affect the effect

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